Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cherish My Time

My heart has been so heavy the last 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon Stephen Curtis Chapmans youngest daughter Maria, who was adopted from China was killed in a horrible accident. This family has been in my thoughts and prayers all day. I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around what they must be going through. This terrible tragedy has also made me really stop and think. I so easily get caught up in the day to day craziness that has become my life. Work is always busy and crazy. My house is always cluttered and in disarray. And yet, what is really important is that I take the time to treasure reading to my kids, snuggling with them in the Lazy Boy, tucking them in to bed and praying with them. I know that I will think twice before letting the distractions of day to day life keep me from valuing every moment I have with my kids.

"Dear Father, please be with the Chapmans tonight. Give them your peace that passes all understanding. Be near to them in this dark hour. In Your name I pray, Amen".

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fun-filled, activity-packed days

We have been on the go the last few days and have had such fun. On Thurs. we had to take Logan to see his orthopedic specialist in Indianapolis (he and his sibs all have scholiosis). After good news from Dr. B. that his curve is not worsening at all we all headed to the Childrens Museum. We got to visit with dinosaurs, play dress up, dig in the dirt, play in the water and go through mazes. There was a new comic book display which included an acual batmobile used in the movies and capes for both batman and superman worn in the movies. My "big kid" really liked that. It was a great way to spend a day. Then on Friday we were able to go to an indoor water park recently built in the heart of Amish country in northern Indiana. Found out that Helina is a HUGE water fan. The girl has no fear (which we already knew) and this evidently transends both land and water:). She came down a slide barrelling under water, came up smiling and climbed back up for more. Swim lessons are definitely on the agenda for the summer!!!

Being out and about has also included some encounters with others regarding our diverse family. I had an African American woman approach me when I had Noah in the sling and tell me how adorable he was. This is not anything new as Noah draws attention wherever he goes. People are constantly coming up to him and telling us how cute he is. This woman asked us whether we were fostering him and I told her that he was ours, that we had adopted him. She got this huge smile on her face and said "oh my goodness (with a great southern drawl) that is just the most wonderful thing. Can I give you a hug?". And I gave her a hug and told her that we felt blessed to be able to have these children. We often get stared at but we have yet to encounter anything that isnt positive or encouraging. We are fortunate.

I am really getting the hang of uploading my pics to the computer so I added some new pics of our last few days!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms out there!!!!! God bless!

Logan enjoying the water hose

Helina coming down the slide for the first time. 2 words.......NO FEAR

Could they be any sweeter?

Ok you two, give me your cheesiest smiles.

Super heros.......

My favorite kind of dinosaurs......"Kiddosaurus cutiepies"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun weekend!!!!

Well, we had a great weekend. Helina and I attended the "Princess only" party for our good friends twin girls. They turn 3 in a few days. Helina has such a blast and made a great princess. She loved having her nails painted and drinking lemonade out of a pretty tea cup. She kept the "girlie" trend going by later playing dress-up with Logan. Thanks to Aunt Jen Helina has a full collection of dress up clothes. It became PAINFULLY obvious (especially when he is 17 and heading to prom when next these pics surface) that Logan is in need of some dress-up clothes of his very own. Oh, and speaking of Logan we had another of those "oh man what did he do now" episodes. We were in Target on Saturday and Logan was having a particularly persnickity kind of day. He at one point laid down on the floor in protest of the misery that we subject him to (like walking). I kept on moving with the other kids and left him with Mike. A few minutes later Mike they catch up to us and Mike has quite a tale to tell. Logan started wailing "mommy, mommy (as if laying on the floor isnt bad enough). A sweet you girl walks by and makes eye contact with him (big mistake) and realizing that he has a rapt audience he start wailing "mommy, mommy is dead". The lady evidently started tearing up (no exaggeration) before Mike can tell her that his mommy was very much alive but that if he didnt stop there WOULD be a death in the family. Man oh man where DOES he come up with this stuff? All in all it was a fun weekend spent with my fantastic (and dramatic) family. Doesnt get any better than that!

I want to send out a HUGE thanks to my dear friend Rebecca for re-decorating my blog. Her blog design business is going strong and its easy to see why! Love ya girl!!!!

Enjoy the new pics!

Yes, he does appear to be saying "for the love of all that is good, what am I doing?"

What an adorable ballerina:)

Helina and I at the princess party

She makes such a pretty princess, doesnt she?!

Always smiling........

Yay Noah! Hes walking with his walker now!!!!

Zoey and Helina. Who would think that 6 weeks ago Helina was terrified of her.