Friday, November 14, 2008

Waiting for the "Bill"

Last week, while dining at our favorite Mexican restaurant I realized how far Helina has come in her "knowledge" of the English language.

Helina: Mom, is it time to go yet?

Me: No Helina, I have to wait for our bill

Helina (after a 3 or 4 second pause to ponder): Mom, we dont know any Bills. Who is Bill?

Helina (now looking at Logan): I dont know any Bills. Do you know any Bills?


Chris said...

LOL Too cute :)
She is the sweetest little girl I know .
We miss you guys and the gils talked a lot about her :)

Kresha said...

too cute

Peculiar Smith Family said...

That's so funny! I bet you were trying hard not to laugh!

Rebecca said...

That's our girl!!!

Lisa said...

LOL! OH my that is one to remind her of a few year from now! cute

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

That is hilarious Amy!! Were you dying laughing???